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Lone Star Synchro is the only year-round masters (adult) team in North Texas. We are one of the few masters teams in the U.S. that welcomes newcomers to synchro, we are passionate about doing so. We are a member club of USA Artistic Swimming. As of September 1, 2020 Pirouettes of Texas' Masters members officially transitioned to the Lone Star Synchro organization.

We are a self-coached,  volunteer-run group and our goal is to expand the knowledge and artistry of synchronized swimming while getting exercise and having fun doing new things in the water. We have both recreational athletes and competitive athletes who enjoy competing at national and international amateur events. We are a 501(c)(3) organization. Our determination letter can be downloaded here.

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I love dancing to but I don't know how to move my body. With the synchronized swimming I can move without be shy,  it is like the water protects me. During the practice you have to be focus about so many things : your body, the routine , the music, the team ... You forget all your stress , issues of life. -Victoire

Synchro has afforded me the opportunity to develop life long friendships.  It has also helped foster leadership skills and a love of fitness. The challenges of staying synchronized, counting music, and performing routines has kept me mentally sharp as well as physically active.  I wouldn’t be who I am today without synchro.  - Joanne

LSS has given me the chance to meet really amazing ladies and gentleman! But the sport allows me to exercise both my mind and my body in a low impact environment that I can enjoy for a lifetime. -Deadre

I have been in the swimming world my entire career as a life long competitive swimmer and working for brands such as TYR, MP Michael Phelps, and Dolfin. I tried synchro for the first time just before my 40th birthday and was instantly hooked at the camaraderie, mental and physical challenge it provided me. I love being in the water, but I have spent years swimming the same 4 strokes back and forth. This sport is engaging new muscles both physical and mental. No longer can I check out during practice, but I must  remain engaged. Now I actually get to know the members on my team, not just swim next to them. And suddenly I am losing weight again! I find myself watching videos of artistic swimming online with a whole new level of fascination and respect. - Amy

Synchro is a combination of yoga dance gymnastics and swimming... It helps calm the mind and strengthen The Body.. with the benefits of no impact - Mukund

Lone Star Synchro is a respite in a busy world.  It creates focus, better memory, and strength.  -Lila

Competition Accomplishments*

We look forward to learning where the 2024 Masters Nationals will take place. 


USA Masters Artistic Swimming Championships in Oro Valley, AZ
1st place: 50-59 duet, gender inclusive solo. 2nd place: 35-49 combo. 3rd place 40-49 trio. 4th place: 35-49 team (1), 5th place 30-39 duet. 8th place: 35-49 team (2).


 USA Masters Artistic Swimming Championships in Waterville, ME
1st place: 30-39 trio, 50-59 solo.  2nd place 40-49 trio. 3rd place 35-49 combo. 5th place: 35 -49 team.


USA Masters Artistic Swimming Championships in Henderson, NV:
1st place: 50-59 duet. 3rd place: 35-49 team, 35-49 combo.

USA Masters Synchronized Swimming Championships in Tupelo, MS:
1st place: 30-39 trio. 1st place: 20-34 combo. 4th place: 30-39 team. 6th place: 60-69 team

UANA Pan American Masters Games in Orlando, FL:
3rd place: 20-34 team. 3rd place: 20-39 combo

USA Masters Synchronized Swimming Championships in San Ramon, CA:
2nd place: 30-39 trio. 3rd place: 35-49 combo. 5th place: 50-59 trio. 5th place: 30-39 team

USA Masters Synchronized Swimming Championships in Clermont, FL:
3rd place: 30-39 team. 4th place: 35-49 combo

USA Masters Synchronized Swimming Championships in Oro Valley, AZ:
6th place: 40-49 team

*Age groupings are average age of competitors. Figure event rankings not included.
*2016 to 2019 members competed under Pirouettes of Texas organization. There were no events in 2020.

Youth Teams

Interested in synchro but not yet 18? Check out the following clubs with youth programs in the DFW area:
Pirouettes of Texas
Dallas Synergy Artistic Swimming

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