About Us

Lone Star Synchro is the only year-round masters (adult) team in Texas. We are a group of individuals currently ranging in age from mid 20s - early 70s. We are one of the few masters teams in the U.S. that welcomes newcomers to synchro, we are passionate about doing so. We are a member club of USA Artistic Swimming.

We are volunteer run and our goal is to expand the knowledge and artistry of synchronized swimming while getting exercise and having fun doing new things in the water. We have both recreational athletes and competitive athletes who enjoy competing at national and international amateur events. We are a 501(c)(3) organization. Our determination letter can be downloaded here.

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Competition Accomplishments*

Due to the caronavirus, lack of pool time, and a multitude of associated factors USA Artistic Swimming canceled the 2020 Masters Championship. We look forward to attending the 2021 U.S. Masters Championship in Henderson, NV, near Las Vegas.

USA Masters Synchronized Swimming Championships in Tupelo, MS:
1st place: 30-39 trio. 1st place: 20-34 combo. 4th place: 30-39 team. 6th place: 60-69 team

UANA Pan American Masters Games in Orlando, FL:
3rd place: 20-34 team. 3rd place: 20-39 combo

USA Masters Synchronized Swimming Championships in San Ramon, CA:
2nd place: 30-39 trio. 3rd place: 35-49 combo. 5th place: 50-59 trio. 5th place: 30-39 team

USA Masters Synchronized Swimming Championships in Clermont, FL:
3rd place: 30-39 team. 4th place: 35-49 combo

USA Masters Synchronized Swimming Championships in Oro Valley, AZ
6th place: 40-49 team

*Age groupings are average age of competitors
*2016 to 2019 members competed under Pirouettes of Texas organization

Youth Teams

Interested in synchro but not yet 18? Check out the following clubs with youth programs in the DFW area:
Pirouettes of Texas
Dallas Synergy Artistic Swimming

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