About Synchro

Although the sparkly suits, facial expressions, and make up may make this look effortless this is a whole body and mind workout in a social and fun atmosphere.

Health Benefits

Because it takes place in the water, synchronized swimming is known for having less direct impact on key joints while working many different muscle groups. It also works to develop the body's cardiovascular system while improving balance, body alignment, and posture. Learning the different positions and choreography while exercising can help keep the mind healthy.


Artistic swimming is a transformative but unique activity that builds personal health through exercise, community through friendships, and artistic expression through performance. We piece together up to hundreds of movements and create our swimsuit costumes to bring the feeling of our routine's theme to life.

Men are Welcome

While our sport is female-only at the Olympic event and across a few meets, there are many events that men are welcome to compete including USA Artistic Swimming Masters Championships which we typically attend each October.

Synchronized Swimming vs Artistic Swimming

In 2018 the international governing organization of aquatic sports FINA officially changed the name from synchronized swimming to artistic swimming at the international level. In 2020 USA Synchro governing body over our sport in the US changed their name to USA Artistic Swimming. Everyone around here still uses the names interchangeably and simply calls it "synchro" in most discussions.


Although the term "Masters" sounds quite elite we'd like to clarify that this simply means we are no longer considered youth or competitive collegiate in the world of Artistic Swimming. USA Artistic Swimming Masters Championships competitors are age 20+ and some international competitions require to be 25+. Your "synchro age" is the current calendar year minus your birth year. As long as you are 18+ and meet our general new swimmer requirements, you are welcome to practice with us.

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